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  • If our regular site is down, we obviously will not be able to tell you to come to this backup site. Therefore it is important that you know its name:
  • It would be wise to Bookmark or write the name of this site down somewhere.
  • We have instituted this independent backup site because of the increased number of users and the timeliness with which flight planning information is needed by our users. It uses a separate internet network, transmission lines and independent Web Servers.
  • This site ( ) is designed for use when a problem occurs with our normal site,
  • This backup site is now always active (whether there is a problem with or not). If there is a problem with, you should be able to use immediately. Most all functions will work normally as far as you, the user, is concerned. We will also use this site to give you updates on the status of the problem and when we hope to go back to normal operations.
  • For Pilots that use for filing their flight plans: Even when our regular site is down, the flight plans you have already entered will be filed on schedule in almost all circumstances.
  • If you believe our regular site,, is off the air, please e-mail us immediately at the e-mail links below or call us at 1-800-FLT-PLAN (358-7526).
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  • If our regular site goes down, most likely our regular e-mail will not be working. This is why we now have a backup e-mail address of [email protected]. Use this
    e-mail address, if our regular site is down.
  • If our regular website is working but our e-mail address ( [email protected] ) is not working, we will put a message up saying to go to [email protected]
  • While our system operation availability matches or surpasses that of most all major online companies, stuff does happen. We realize that our service is different in its necessity for timely access. This is why we have instituted this backup system.
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